Open format Dj hobbiest spinning vinyl since 1982.

The purpose of this site is to share my dj mixes and collaborate with other DJ's, producers, musicians and artisit. Old School, Soul, Pop, Rock, Rap, hiphop, R and B, Gospel, Electro and other electronic music.
Spinning the best in open format music.

Urban Gospel September Mix by Tommytenfingers on Mixcloud

RnB Urban Gospel Summer Mix by Tommytenfingers on Mixcloud

Urban Gospel Music - Easter Mix 2014 by Tommytenfingers on Mixcloud

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All mixes posted are recorded live and uncut, raw and un-edited. Since each set is mixed "on the fly", mixes are not perfect and you will hear songs that are off beat. Just keeping it 100!
I've taken some time off from recording my sets. Please stay tuned for more mixes. However, I'm still spinning and am available for any local gigs in the Ventura County area.

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I mix open format music online as well as special events and functions such as weddings and receptions, church events, rallies, parties, dinners and sweet 16's. Providing quality, uplifting music.

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My hybrid setup (Analog meets digital)

Using the best tools available is important to a Dj, and although many Dj's use laptops successfully as a complete solution, I'm an "old school" Dj and would rather use a pair of professional "Technics 1200" turntables and mixer which I have been used to for the past 30 years.

But since I'm also into computer graphics and web design, I also see the benefits in including todays technology in my analog setup.

I use a Mac laptop that runs a digital vinyl system "Traktor Pro", which feeds music files to my turntables and mixer. Tied in are a few midi controlers for cues, loops and effects, but I am the one mixing the tracks, not the software!

How it work is I have a pair of special vinyl records (timecode vinyl) that sends a sound to a small converter (sound card) which converts the sound to a signal and shoots that signal to my computer, which has my mixing software loaded with all of my music. Then shoots that signal back out into my mixer and midi controlers where I can control the audio.

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God bless.

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